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Sri Lanka

Finlays was established in Sri Lanka in 1893 and is one of oldest companies in the country. In this time we have built an excellent reputation for reliable sourcing and packaging of Sri Lankan teas. This reputation has been achieved through the commitment and skill of our workforce as well as the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers. The division’s customer relationships are long-term, averaging over ten years. Most partnerships have run for even longer, in some cases for around half a century. We hope this is a testament to our standards and our dedication.

We market black tea, particularly pure Ceylon tea, in bulk, in packets, in teabags and as flavoured tea. Our modern packing plant caters to the changing needs of an international clientele. To meet consumer demand, a pure Ceylon green tea is now also provided from a green tea manufacturing facility. We also have a dedicated state-of-the-art laboratory and tea tasting facility.
Our Sri Lankan Beverages division operates as part of our legal entity Finlays Colombo PLC.