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Sri Lanka

We are involved in a variety of primarily service-related businesses in both Sri Lanka and in Pakistan.

In Sri Lanka we operate within the legal entity of Finlays Colombo PLC, which is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Here we have insurance, environmental services and a range of quite diversified agency businesses.
In Pakistan we operate a shipping agency business as well as a P and I insurance service.

Finlays started in Sri Lanka in 1893 when Sir John Muir opened an office in Colombo. The initial focus was on planting tea and rubber but the following year the insurance business secured the agency for the South British Insurance Company and it continues to this day. In 1900, a group of warehouses in Colombo called Ambawatta Mills was purchased as a depot for the storage of import and export tea.

From these early beginnings Finlays Colombo has grown steadily and diversified into a number of areas to become one of the most respected business conglomerates in Sri Lanka, with an excellent reputation for developing long-term business relationships. Our areas of business now extend to insurance, environmental services, beverage blending and packing, temperature controlled logistics, and a range of agency related businesses.