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Tea Estates

Finlays has been involved in tea estates since the end of the 19th century. Today our estates in Kenya and Sri Lanka produce 40 million kilos of made tea every year. Put in context, this is the equivalent to just less than half of the tea consumed in Britain every year.

These estates are a focal point of our business and we endeavour to ensure that they reflect our overall corporate philosophy:

  • To use all land in the most productive and responsible manner.
  • To maintain and improve the fertility of the soil.
  • Through the intelligent use of research services, and those of the local research institutes, to keep at the very top of technological improvement in the fields.
  • To maintain the highest standards of housekeeping in our factories.
  • To make teas which will achieve the best prices on the international markets.
  • To involve employees at all levels in decision-making so that they develop a real interest in the Company’s objectives and prosperity.
  • To maintain a good and productive relationship with our local communities.

In addition to our primary tea product, Finlays has set new standards in growing fuel wood in Kenya and Sri Lanka and growing and processing timber in Sri Lanka.

We’ve also created opportunities by:

  • Growing rubber on land unsuitable for tea cultivation in Sri Lanka.
  • Establishing our own environmentally-friendly hydroelectric plants in Kenya and Sri Lanka.